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Tempest - Julie Cross Sentence: I sentence Julie Cross to inheriting the tempest gene so she can go back and make the beginning of her debut novel as interesting as the end.

Review: I have to admit, this was really hard to get into. Getting into Cross' version of time travel was a little bit annoying because half time-travelling was not initially explained. Not only this, but Jackson seems unnecessarily dumb for a "smart" university student. I mean, it's ridiculously obvious that his father knows about Jackson's time travelling and is involved somehow.

But after Jackson FINALLY escapes 2007 and back to 2009, the story starts moving. Cross' version of time travel and genetics has a lot of potential, even if her characters initially lacked some depth.

Sure Jackson is really in love with Holly (only realizing after losing her in 2009), but his range of emotions is minuscule (hoping we'll get to see more later).

Finally, I must admit that I like a dark story and Tempest has it's sad moments, though not enough to spark a significant emotional response with me (maybe because I'm not an overly dramatic teen anymore). It was good until the last quarter of the book, which was fantastic.

I must admit that I await the rest of the series, hoping it is consistent with the great parts of Tempest.