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Level 2 - Lenore Appelhans I really tried investing into this book, but all I got out of it was a lousy explanation (as well as a lousy "dark past") and more questions than answers. But seriously, I had no idea what was going on. I don't know if all that unspoken shit was hacker speak...or maybe it was godspeak, I don't know. But whatever I just read was real goddamn weird. Like a dream about trying to get to heaven but it takes seven levels, and in your dream it's like a freaking seven-level parking structure. And each of these levels take an entire book journey to figure out. Yes, no sense at all.

I also found it hard to like any characters. They all seems to have ulterior motives. Even poor Autumn—I couldn't pity her because of her initial "dibs" call and self-serving denial about everything. Julian was...well, controlling and an ass. Neil had this weird "I-could-be-a-closet-serial-killer" vibe going for him whenever he surprised you with anger. Felicia was apparently the subject of everyone's desires and jealousy.

I liked Beckah. She seemed cool, until she died...again.

I'm definitely not continuing this series. There's too much preaching and Christian-y stuff I don't know about, and not enough deliverance and relatability.