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Crewel - Gennifer Albin I don't get what the fuss is about for this one. The writing was beautiful and the visuals were breathtaking from what I imagined, but the plot was simply a mix of The Hunger Games meets The Matrix meets Unwind meets The Giver.

How does this story not sound familiar?

Strange name? THG
Twelve "regions"? THG
Not reality? TM
Rip threads/weaves to kill people? UW is similar, but it gets down to the genetics of it. Similar terminology though, which is something I loved about Shusterman's work, but dislike and count as cheating somewhere else. Even though it's based on a creweler's/spinster's trade, so I guess it makes sense. But also, aren't there creweling terms like unravel?
Love triangle? THG
Trying to run and feeling oppressed? THG, UW
Old mentor? THG, TM, TG
Given roles in the society based on their specific skill set? TG
MC gets trained for a role meant for one person; carrying the burden of the society? TG!!!
Obsessed with society, what is seen and dressing up their chosen? THG, UW sequel

At least the MC is funny though. And kind of mean. And people have died. Though it is pretty in danger of being classified as the easy fix for the parental issues.

Great concept, but could have been executed better. I hate that this is just another one of those dystopian books now.