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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater I know many people love Stiefvater's Mercy Falls trilogy, but I have to say that I am glad she has come out with these brilliant plot-focused teen books. They stray away from the wishy-washy (and lovey-dovey) nature of the Mercy Falls trilogy and become more about the characters and the story that needs to be told. I am a huge fan of The Scorpio Races, and now The Raven Boys. Seriously, Maggie, this shit is golden.

The funny thing about this first installment is that it actually is about its namesake. Four raven boys, all tousled, scarred and touched in different ways by a girl named Blue and this quest for something magical, and bigger than them.

In some ways, Maggie's storytelling reminds me of the late DWJ, which I highly recommended she take as a compliment (don't even ask how much money I have spent gathering up her original UK firsts). DWJ would include romance, to be sure, but it wasn't straightforward, and it wasn't about creating a love triangle. It was a story that flowed out from somewhere deep. And my literary-god, do I love my damaged characters. Especially when I am so unfamiliar with their situation, but somehow the writing makes me feel enough compassion to actually be hurt when those characters are hurt.

I know that is a lot of emotion, but I just feel like there is something about Maggie's writing (mostly) that gets me and what I want to read. I don't think this will be true of most people. I just think that everyone has some author's writing that they connect with instantly, especially at a certain point in their life. Mine has always been DWJ and Neil Gaiman, but occasionally someone else will come along, and practically have me on a lead.

Now it sounds like a raving review (haha) for ONLY a four-star rating, but that's only because I like to be honest (not usually, lol). I really, really love Maggie's writing and the idea of this story, but I was not entirely satisfied with this book. But that's okay, I suspect this trilogy will wow me in ways those damn wolves couldn't. Ravens, ftw!

Also the ending was very reminiscent of Nevermore by Kelly Creagh with the whole creating Chainsaw bsns.