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UnWholly - Neal Shusterman This book had just as much flow as the first one, but more internal conflict that appeared to deviate from the "main plot", I suppose.

What I love most about this addition to the trilogy is that it is no longer an "us against them" sort of theme. There are conflicts within the Unwinds or "Whollies" (storks, wards, etc.), as well as disagreement between the population that is of age.

People are not perfect and things do not always work out as planned. A revolution takes years, rather than a few short weeks or months. The resisting parties are unorganized and split; some even controlled by the very people and organizations they are working against.

Ultimately, where Unwind was a story about individual suffering, being imperfect, survival, and finding love and friendship despite it all; UnWholly is about sacrifice, compassion for others, the bigger picture, and the strength of people.

Although this book had most of the same characters as the first book, it felt like the story was evolving with age; changing to suit the situation. I can't get enough of this world.

I know the first half was sort of slow, but it was almost like we were being eased back into this brutal world, with a few new fascinating characters. Absolutely love the idea of Cam and how it seems to be crossing a line for the general population. And yet unwinding is okay for an individual, even though technically if you didn't stop collecting unwound parts you would be just like Cam. Very Frankenstein!