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The Girl With Borrowed Wings - Rinsai  Rossetti So basically my opinion of this book is more biased than it would usually be for any other book I've read and liked. I can highly relate to this book and its main character, so naturally I was drawn to her entire attitude. Or lack thereof.

I want to begin by saying Nenner is not created by her father. She's not molded by his literal hands nor with the mechanics of a genius like Geppetto. She is a real girl living in the middle east somewhere, with her highly dysfunctional family (whose isn't?). When she describes being created by her father, she means the idea of the perfect daughter. And some parents are actually like this. If not this fully, then some parents have an idea of what they want their children to do or how successful and educated they want them to be. This basically takes that to the extreme with a mix of the humility and patriarchal honour systems, common to the middle east and South Asia.

Then, in a small act of rebellion and innocent preservation of life, Nenner saves a stray cat from certain death. Turns out this cat is actually a shapeshifting free-person. Not necessarily a boy though, which I loved. Because at times when you feel the chemistry you can't help but wonder if this counts as bestiality.

This is entirely a story about a girl realizing who she actually is, even through the emotional and psychological abuse her parents are able to get away with. This story is more about what it takes to wake up and realize that she is alive, rather than two people falling in love.

My only complaint, really, is that the story does not flow/it feels rather choppy when scenes are changing or months pass by. You really can't tell time until the MC mentions it. It feels like they've only traveled the world for a week, when really it's been maybe 3 months.

The romance is pretty cheesy as well, but actually kind of adorable. Do not expect any love triangles or pointless drama. Also it may be kinda hard for people to get where she's coming from, so the analogy she uses in the book, near the end, is fairly simple and accurate. A simple story, with aspects of fantasy/escapism, but well done.