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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare SPOILER WARNING

I'm not sure if the rest of the series is quite going to capture the epic adventure and mystery behind everything as much as the first three, but this was a good start (again). I loved seeing things from Simon's perspective as well as other downworlders, like in the Infernal Devices.

More light is shed on the world of vampires within the MI universe, which I was hesitant about because of travesties like Twilight. But Clare introduced some characters that, surprisingly, gave me the creeps and reminded me that not all things that live forever are beautiful.

And, certainly, things aren't all golden for the heroic couple, Clary and Jace, due to Jace's bad dreams and susceptibility to demonic influences (a result of him dying).

I have to admit that there was some of that extra cheese (Jace's letter) that comes with most teen books, and I was very hesitant to succumb to it, but, in the end, things were more complicated than they seemed. As is always true in regular human relationships.

I really loved this book because it finally touches on the events of Clockwork Angel, my favourite by Cassandra Clare, as of late, and makes it seem that the events from Victorian London are not completely separate from the events of "now". It also reminds readers that some of the characters are consistent, such as Camille and Magnus, and that readers are not the only witnesses of what occurred and what may be repeating itself.

I think the most enticing part of this book is the way it looks at the events of The Infernal Devices and seems to be telling the readers something we don't already know, but everyone else does. And that's what killed me reading this book. All I can think is that Will Herondale and Tessa are dead as I'm reading this. Did it end good or bad? What happened to the Pandemonium Club?

And these are all questions that I hope will be answered through the rest of Clare's books, including from The Mortal Instruments series.

Overall, a very enjoyable and fast read. A bit of a pick-me-up for teen releases, lately. Not much good stuff has come out in awhile.