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The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse This is like reading a mash-up of Lord of the Flies, The Hunger Games, Lost, The Matrix and flag football or someshit.

Stasse's writing is actually really good and easy to follow, so the book seemed deceivingly good, but I didn't get what I wanted from it. In fact, the entire focus is on this goddamn island and all the weird crap that is happening, including the existence of one really old ass Monk, who you can identify from the very beginning despite the mask (there were too many references to the President of the UNA looking the same age for years).

This was one of those books that doesn't give you enough information about anything beyond the scope of the main character, which is one of the reasons first person perspectives are annoying. You do not learn anything about the UNA (not anything legitimate beyond some economic downfall and a united government by decision of some dude). Then you are expected to believe the officials running the UNA are so corrupt they all got rid of their "leader" and replaced him with doubles.

Oh, also, apparently the MC and her LAFSBF (love at first sight boyfriend)have been taken in by some Australians rebel camp, where her mother happens to be, in time for their next move against the UNA. Everything before that was kinda meh. Very Lord of the Flies and building on the MC's strength. Personally, I find her kind of boring. You know those friends whose stories are always super pointless and yawn-worthy? I was basically nodding absentmindedly at the MC's day-to-day activities, much like I do in person.

The author has an awesome imagination, but not enough content to support her world-building. The content she does provide makes me think she doesn't really care to elaborate properly.

Bore me with your explanations, for realsies.