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Revealing Eden - Victoria Foyt So, I'm a little confused as I have not read the book. I get that Ms. Foyt does not think she is racist (even though she clearly is). I also understand that race technically does not exist, but racism does due to the human need to categorize and our societal norms of thinking. In fact, to eliminate racism you would basically have to stop categorizing people and talking about race altogether (like Fight Club <--you saw nothing). <br/>
But I digress.

I also want to point out to Ms. Foyt that, due to the percentage of the world's population in Asia, eventually everyone (future population) will be mixed. Unless (pure) white people start an inbreeding thing, in which case white people will die out anyway.

I even get that this book has apparently won numerous awards that she keeps flaunting about in every social media platform she has access to. I needed to point that out because that's the only thing I got from her responses. Also she donated to Obama's campaign. How pleasant, I think they have a term for that in the UK (who's being offensive now?).

Someone please explain to me Ms. Foyt's tone in the book. Because, as far as I'm concerned, it has some really racist aspects, but I'm hoping she does not condone them (although acknowledges they exist). For example, if I were to write about rape that does not mean I condone it (I really, truly do not). Harper Lee wrote about racism and I'm certain she did not condone that.

Does Victoria Foyt condone what she is writing about, let alone acknowledge that racism exists in her plot and the use of blackface?

Srsly, someone help me understand or I will read this book. Not pay for it, but I'll read it. And I'm not quite ready to die from regret yet.