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Fracture - Megan Miranda Sentence: I sentence Megan Miranda to figuring out her parental issues, the same as the rest of us.

Okay, so I'll admit I enjoyed Miranda's writing. It's pleasant and I was hooked. It's a fascinating story, except I had so many bones to pick by the end, I became frustrated.

At first I really liked Delaney. She's not above admitting she's horny enough to fool around with the first guy that takes interest in her on her best friend's couch. Besides he's cute, so what the hell, right? Next, she died for eleven minutes. Sympathy earned. And finally, not waiting for Decker, I'm all for that. If he isn't gonna make a move, either she should make the first move or freaking move on.

But then things went awry and not in a good way. I'm going to list them because I was actually really into this story until Delaney became really dumb for a smart girl.

1. Bad doctoring. Okay, suffice it to say a doctor should not be taking recommendations/advice from the parents of a patient that was in trauma for a week; they should also not be sending a patient home after that sort of ordeal without the approval of a therapist. Especially if they thought she was hurting herself (even if she wasn't). It's no wonder so many people are dying in that stupid little town, with dumbass doctors like Dr. Logan or whatever his name is. I can't even stand to re-check the book.

2. Bad parenting. Their daughter just died. She better be fucking staying in that hospital until they are 95% sure she is fine (because it should never be 100% as a freaking parent). Not only did these parents drag Delaney home, when she knew she wasn't alright, they also decided drugged up Delaney is a healthy Delaney. Then her mother goes all "Delaney is dead to me" routine on her, but is also overbearing (understandable). But seriously, make up your mind woman. We get all the details on her horrible parental experience and yet she turns out to be ten times worse. She betrays her daughter; believes Delaney is capable of murder; doesn't trust her; thinks she's lying (leading to her lying); and then stares at albums of Delaney pre-death/pre-revival, like she's not there. No wonder her daughter is dying on the inside. Worst. Parenting. Ever. She's not a freaking psych-ward patient, she's her daughter. I'm probably more upset by this than I should be, but it ticks me off that there is no resolution to the mother's stupidity. It would have been better if she just died.

3. Bad friendships. Delaney is a horrible friend, that much is clear. What makes it worse though is that her friends are horrible friends too. Why does she owe them for saving her? What she should've said to Justin's "you owe me this much" comment about his party was "Oh gee thanks guys, I didn't fucking know you saving my life came with strings. So if I don't follow through should I just off myself or will you do the honours?" Apparently Delaney also can't believe Janna wants to be friendlier. It also becomes clear that Janna is a much better friend and does things for Delaney that she likely wouldn't for her if their situations had been switched. Not only that, but when Carson dies, Delaney goes on a rampage that this is all about her. Screw that. She may have been unable to save him/witness to his death, but what about Janna? Not even a phone call to her. Asshole move, sister.

Even between Delaney and her best friend, Decker, things are pretty much fucked, especially after he kisses Tara. Which leads me to my next point.

4. Bad communication. Delaney and Decker are clearly meant for each other and fancy each other, but neither wants to say it first. Neither wants to, I guess, confront and ruin their friendship. But I believe that ship had long sailed. Delaney is all irrational about Decker kissing Tara, when she didn't even explain the Carson situ properly. Delaney, you are a tool. A rotten tool with a stick up your ass. Please pull it out and maintain a real relationship for once. And bad communication seems to surround every character in this book. No one talks or texts or anything. They find out things the hard way. Like witnessing Troy and the old woman at the nursing home. Not only was it obvious he's been killing people "prematurely", but he's also creepy as fuck. He knows where she lives, for Christ's sake. If that isn't creepy then I'm sure she'd be comforted by his non-sleeping, watching-her-house-at-night-ways, at night.

And don't even get me started on the lack of communication with her parents. Explode already. It's healthier that way. Enough of the long drives to the run-down shack outside of town.

5. Bad signals. Carson was a mistake (or experimentation/desperation). Troy was a mistake. And why in the hell is it so hard to say "you're not a mistake" to Decker? To hell with Tara. When Troy stated "you want me too" (not exact quote because I couldn't be bothered), in his apartment, I was pretty surprised. I did NOT get the impression Delaney was into him. There are some pretty mixed signals and confusing shit flying around everywhere.

6. Bad personality (faults). Delaney is a pushover around her friends. Instead of saying "no" to the party, she convinces her parents to let her go. Um, hello, you just died. That's your ticket out of it. Troy is creepy, you do not need to date him because you suck at communicating with Decker. It's not necessary to latch onto the next available guy who thinks he gets you. He may have been in a freaking coma, but he also is delusional and thinks the present is actually hell. So, you know, psychotic killer. How is Delaney okay with him having killed people even if they were going to die anyway? She's cold and too calm and collected. I think the only time I actually felt her "feelings" was when she was running, scared shitless of Troy and locked herself in that funeral home. It was the most human feeling she showed. She cried sure, but it didn't feel genuine.

Finally, Delaney is the source of her own problems. She can't speak up for herself or confront the issues at hand. She can't communicate about the important things. This is why her post-death "life" sucks.

7. Bad ending. She should have dived into the ice herself. I'm sure she would've done everyone a favor since apparently she's just a hindrance and seems to agree with this assessment of her presence. Nothing is resolved. Not her mother's horrible nature; nor her lack of friends who blame her for not being able to magically stop Carson's seizures. But hey, at least Troy is dead (one part of the triangle resolved; oh wait, Carson died too, so never mind. She only has Decker left) and she is now with Decker. I'm pretty sure that means Decker is cheating on Tara though. So, you know, worst ending ever. No dramatic break up; no isolation from her friends; no confrontation with her mother after the parentals find out about falling through the ice and Troy's death.

Seriously, how are her parents able to function day to day?