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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman Keywords: Dragons, half-breeds, love, philosophers.

Rating: image

Sentence: I sentence Rachel Hartman to have the ability to solve many sexy equations and also a crime-free life in Vancouver. That shit be scary.


Review: I'll try to make this review pretty short, since I had barely a complaint. Actually, if I had a complaint I cannot recall it anymore because I am baffled by Hartman. I should say this is an extremely rare occurrence. I never give out five stars.

This novel started at a relatively slow pace, but with good reason. The characters and world building painted an entirely different world from what I've read before and did an extremely good job at it. I had complex questions about the history of some character or saint or weapon or even family with no doubts to there actually being a story. It's like the world has existed for so long and this story is just a minor occurrence in the history of it. A minor story I rather enjoyed, but only minor in the sense of looking at the broader picture of everything.

This is one of those rare reads where you find the two main love interests arguing about philosophers to be some sort of sexy, chemistry-filled conversation. I was practically salivating for more about Archiboros and his pompous ass. Maybe even more about Pontheus, the jurisprudence philosopher; later said to be either genius or mad.

But seriously, how is this turning me on? It must be all that intelligent talk and whatnot.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Seraphina storming about and trying to be pricklier than she is. She's brave, but shy and intrepid. She contradicts herself by loving others, despite their grotesqueness, and having trouble loving her own self.

The characters throughout this entire novel are so well built that it's only too easy to find their imperfections rather than the things that make them flat. Even the "soulless" saarantras and quigutl had me amused, laughing, and possibly crying a little. Even the Ardmagar Cormonot was confusing with his Cybermen-like reactions to emotion.

Okay, but srsly, this spoke to my heart (don't laugh): "do not underestimate the seductive power of math."

Basically, I have nothing else to say except GIMME MORE. And also: image

Yeah, come at me dragons. I'm looking pretty sexy now, aren't I?