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Struck - Jennifer Bosworth Where should I start? Should I start with how this was yet another book I picked up for the cover? No, that's a lie. The premise was so promising and the beginning left me craving to be struck, again and again, by what was supposed to be a riveting story.

Then came all the religious zealots stuff and cult-ish themes; prophecies and tarot readings; the future is all tentatively planned BS.

Give me a fucking break.

I just wanted to read about some troubled-ass girl with a lightning addiction, not about some end-of-the-world (God-is-not-great-or-is-he) mayhem and a girl that is apparently a coward despite being hit by lightning (and almost dying) countless times.

I despise how Bosworth tries to make it seem like she's saying everything is not so black and white (what, with Jeremy and the Seekers), but it still comes out as though everything in this Struck universe is in fact black and white.

The Prophet and his followers are very white, and yet they seem to be the bad guys. The Seekers are very black and though they seem just as bad and narrow-minded, in the end they are fighting for the people (and manage to be in everyone's good graces).

And also, is it so far-fetched to believe that the initial storm could be blamed on people like what's-her-face and Mr. Kale? Don't they attract the charge of the storm with their overwhelming affinity? Why was this not discussed?

In any case, this was an extremely disappointing story with so much promise I practically short-circuited from the excitement of just the potential.

This was a worse let-down than finding out I couldn't go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter during my spring break; at least I know I can try planning that trip again for later.