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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I'm not gonna bother spoilering this book or summarizing plot, because I could probably do that in two sentences.

This book kept me on edge. On the edge of a blade slicing, cutting, tearing
through the thrill and suspense. Impatience took a back seat and I let Mafi's words drive me to the shattering end of the beginning.

This book is great. This book is intolerable. Despite Juliette's odd prose and short, verb-ful sentences, it really does lack in plot. That isn't to say I was not entertained, because I was. Besides, Juliette makes everything feel so much more intense than it actually is.

Like this:

My eyes snap to the page. I catch myself repeating the same line. This is no good. It's a waste. Wasting away seconds. Minutes. The tick tick tocking echoes in my mind. Where was I?

That is me trying to figure out where I was in the book.

It's almost a very crude type of language Mafi uses to keep you attentive. I swear I was reading like this O____O the entire time.

In any case, overlooking the excessive metaphors; verbs; and lack of anything actually essential to the plot of this series (other than intros, love interest, and escape), it was fun knowing it would end quickly (short book)! It was only slightly painful, I swear. Actually, don't trust me on that.