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The Book of Blood and Shadow - Robin Wasserman This was like reading The Da Vinci Code if teens could be brilliant Latin-reading, code-cracking explorers. And also if there were many arguments about god this and god that and whether god exists. It was just a little too much when, you know, they should be concerned with more urgent things like how to save their own lives.

I'm also feeling like they should've been pretty unmotivated to find the Lumen Dei or whatever. I mean did they really think it was going to destroy the world? I would've given Hledaci a few pints of my blood, safely, and went home. Who cares? Why create more problems for yourself by chasing something that is DEFINITELY putting you in harms way? These are probably the stupidest teens I've ever encountered (on paper, because IRL they wouldn't really be expert code breakers running off to Prague).

I could understand when it was a mature, grown up man whose entire career and life is practically code-breaking. But this? This was like a childish game of Finders Keepers.

And it was too predictable. Max, really? The most obvious and only suspect is the killer? Great.

I basically finished this because I thought the plot would be more interesting, but really I was more interested in the development of her relationship with this Eli guy. But then you get nada, except for an admission of loving Chris who I liked and is dead. So fuck it. Not even my guilty pleasure vein can be stroked into liking it.

But hey, the writing wasn't cringe-inducing and was easy to get through. So I'll give Wasserman that much; she is well practiced in her art.

Edit: It occurred to me in the shower, as often things I contemplate do, that if the Hledaci knew about the vyvolena and they knew it connected directly to Elizabeth Weston, why were her documents/letters not monitored? They had to know they existed in the hands of the Professor McPhlegm (The Hoff), so they should have assigned someone to the letters and Nora. Or if it is just a spiritual bond why didn't they find a girl that could translate Latin and had a dead sibling? Or someone that could potentially connect emotionally with Weston? Or just take Nora ahead of time and force her to figure out the rest for them? I am really annoyed that the Hledaci apparently cannot even remember their own history and learn from their mistakes.

What kind of bad guy super-secret-operation is this?