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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern Okay,so I have to admit I was extremely skeptical about the reviews and buzz around this book. Especially when my coworker, with an ARC told me there was focus on romance.

Luckily, I forced myself to read this and was completely thrown by the story. It was not what I expected at all. And while it does have elements of romance and a serious focus on one particular love story, it somehow becomes the back drop to the circus itself.

You see, the circus is a character all on its own. There is so much life in The Night Circus, that Chandresh becomes a sort of god or parent of this fantastic and magical character that easily wins the hearts of readers. The circus has something for everyone with all the magic, mystery and intrigue.

I think the one negative trait of this book is that, while Morgenstern does acknowledge and outline messy relationships and that life isn't always peachy; the story almost wraps up too neatly and cleanly. It leaves the reader content, yes, but it's almost as if she's daring you to hope for things to work out the way they did in the book.

It's as if the two lovers have defeated their own horrible destiny and bound fates, only to have the issues with keeping the circus "alive" work out--almost as if another plot of destiny is at play.

But I suppose sometimes it's okay to hope for things to just work out on their own.