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Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris The end is nigh (the next book will be the last)!

I have to say I have not been impressed for the last three or four books, but the ending of this book had me ripping out my hair and actually wanting something crazy and unexpected to happen.

Harris finally drew out those dwindling subplots and characters that were left hanging and tied them up. Some more than others.

For those that love Eric as much as I do, you will be mightily disappointed in him this book.

For those who love Alcide, forget it. He'll likely end up with someone else (a Were).

For those who love Bill (still), he's less douche-y, but meh.

For those who love Quinn, I'm not really sure why he had a random appearance at the end-ish via phone convo, but it's not to get back with Sookie.

For those who love Sam. Yes, finally, fucking Sam. I am actually rooting for him the most. After all, the cluviel dor only works for those the possessor loves.

I had actually thought Sookie might use the cluviel dor to make Eric human because her biological clock seemed to be harassing her by noticing all those weddings and babies. But no.

Anyway, the next book is supposedly, finally, the last book and goddamn it I am glad.