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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake There will be bloody fucking spoilers in this review.

Sentence: I sentence Kendare Blake to a Supernatural and possibly some classic Japanese horror movies marathon. Also, writing something that is not teen.

When I first saw this title in stores I thought Shit, this author knows how to hook you in with the dramatics. And then I thought, I hope this isn't a teen version of Carrie. While keeping it fairly dramatic, Anna Dressed in Blood did not disappoint me.

This series is a reminder of why I bother with teen at all. I had sworn off teen for three months and failed because sometimes it just doesn't feel like teen. It's something more than that stupid, superficial crap or the very depressing "everything is about me and it's all life and death" stuff. Don't get me wrong, some of those books turn out very good, but they are all very overdone.

Well written horror teen is pretty hard to find and Blake's novel is just that. Readers start off with a lonely Cas and his mother travelling around the world and freeing the ghosts tethered to certain areas; causing mayhem and death. You end up with Cas trying to figure out how he can keep Anna in his life, even if she isn't alive.

I'll admit at first the way Cas wielded the athame reminded me of Supernatural, but then the story started to create its own character. Cas turns out to be a compassionate young man just trying to save people and ghosts alike. And there is certainly Something About Mary Anna.

If possible, there is a more sinister creature than Anna haunting Thunder Bay. Familiar bite marks are discovered on the bodies and Cas is suddenly facing his ultimate ghosty; the one that killed his father.

From the setting in Thunder Bay (Canada, ftw) to the overly expressive cat (and even the touch of voodoo), Blake weaves a story about love, friendship and haunting histories.

This book bled into a seat of favour on my bookshelves.