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Legend - Marie Lu Firstly, just like Divergent, I had to revise this review as I had preemptively decided it’s fate. But this was, of course, post-Shusterman so I was dissatisfied with the world. This is my review after I had mulled the book over and re-read some parts.

Genre: Teen, dystopian, plague, Les Miserables, caste, class system, military, war, biological warfare, romance, rebellion, media.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sentence: I sentence Marie Lu to an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon with me. x’D

Review: So basically my previous review said NOTHING useful. I suspect I was in lala land and didn’t really think about what I had to say. But this book deserves so much better, because, hey, it was fucking good.

June, the heroine is bad ass and clever, but a little spoiled (with the ability to see things from other perspectives) and Day is just…well, Day.

This story has so much potential because a) things DO happen. I know I said they talk about “things” happening, but they actually follow through. Not only does June (wo)man up; she also manages to break Day out of his executioning.

And b) like I said before, the author does not hide the gory reality from the reader. People die-young, old, cripple, girls and guys. She introduces us to another form of mass genocide, through genetic and disease testing (see Eugenics and improving the human race).

So much of Legend parallels the realities of yesterday, today and tomorrow (but with more extremes in poverty within the region and such, as well as military) that I feel transported into Marie Lu’s world.

But here are my points of issue:

1. Everyone around June and Day seem to be dying. I’m not sure if this is a convenience thing for the story and plot or if it’s actually a hindrance to them.

2. Clearly Metias was killed by his buddy, insane-sociopath-that’s-into-younger-girls. He shows no remorse for killing and following orders blindly (if it means he gets to hurt someone). For being clever, June catches on a little late and isn’t careful of him when it matters the most. Also, it’s just weird that he’s into her when he’s her brother’s age. Seriously. As for her…is it not just a little crush? Oh god, now that goddamn Jennifer Paige song is stuck in my head.

3. Where the hell are they going again? To some rebel alliance thing (yay, Star Wars)? Oh wait, the colonies, right? I got caught up in Day’s brother being fucking killed, what!? Sorry.

You know that’s (seeking allegiance) not going to work out the way they plan. They’ll probably be split up. And then I’ll be worrying the entire second book whether they’ll be reunited. Jesus, I’m still pissed about Crossed by Ally Condie, haha.

4. I need me some more history. Please. The Republic and the Colonies. It probably makes for a great fucking story. Tell it.

But I love the alternate POVs and hope to see more of that later (perhaps with other characters as well). Also, I’m glad it didn’t end in the most ridiculous sort of cliffhanger ever. For that, Marie, you have my utter, heartfelt adoration. I hate when books use cliffhangers to keep people hooked to the series. They can keep us hooked by writing well.

BUT SRSLY, AVATAR NAO? And then we can eventually watch Korra (the new Avatar spin-off) later.

I highly recommend this book. ‘Nuff said. I’ve also sold a shit-ton of copies (or tried to). LOL.