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As I Wake - Elizabeth Scott Sentence: I sentence Elizabeth Scott to another world where this story makes sense.

Rating: 1.5/5

Review: When I read this book I realized why I had sworn off teen books for a month. Now don't get me wrong, Scott is a wonderful writer. I've read much of her other works and some of them are my favourite pieces of teen literature. Even this book, in all its horribleness, is better than Twilight (and other teen lit. like it).

I get that Ava is all confused and amnesiac-like, after some unexplained collapse where I'm assuming she is "put in" to this world.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say WHAT THE FUCK? Let's go over this very briefly.

1. Ava is remembering her parallel/actual life from another world. Clearly whoever meant to make her forget sucks at their fucking job.

2. Her friends in this universe are such shit-disturbers. So the lesbians I can sympathize with, but the psychotic-potential-killer asshole that tries to drug Ava? WHAT? How is she allowed to walk around with other human beings and why is nothing done about her? Come on, this is fiction-world. Let's kill the bitch.

3. Ava is cold, annoying and I very much doubt she actually loves Morgan. Screw Clementine. I'd rather die in my own universe than a place I'd be trapped/lost forever. Besides, at least Morgan would go back with her that way.

4. What the hell is a SAT? PDM? Creche? I get there's some sort of resistance, but what is Morgan? A freaking Mafia boss?

5. Basically, you get fuck-all from this story, except THE question. You're so confused you question the meaning of life itself.


That was the most unsatisfying story I've ever read. It doesn't instill rage at existing (again, like Twilight, Halo, Hush Hush, etc.), but instead this hollow feeling like I've reset my mind and I need to try again. D: