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The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan I have to admit that I was hesitant to pick this book up, because I was under the impression it was another one of those lame, depressing YA reads about a girl pining after a boy when there were things much more important going on.

This was definitely NOT true. In fact, the injustice of Mary's situation, and Henry's attempted claim on her, drove me up walls. I wanted to physically jump into the book and shake everyone by their collars. How could she not be given more options?

Mary felt so real, as a person, that I was surprised by how connected I felt to her. She had all the aspects of a normal teenager (including being totally obnoxiously selfish, like I was at that age) that I instantly respected her.

Being with Travis was not enough for her, and to me, that rang truest of all. Especially because she knew she loved him. Mary's determination to survive, not as a caged animal, and see the ocean is an aspect of her I fell in love with.

To be honest, the fact that it wasn't a happy ending and all her friends were able to make it out unscathed was a nice change. I'm sick of "close calls" in serious danger. What are the chances four out of four would make it to a safe haven by the ocean alive? Frakking low, is what the chances are; that's why they're taking a chance.

Carrie Ryan really knows how to describe all the gore details. And I'm into that. :)