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Envy - Gregg Olsen First of all, I'm going to say that this book is not my usual cup of tea. I really do like reading some true crime and I also really love teen fiction; so the combo of the two appealed to me. It was written, much as I had expected, with the detail of a true crime novel. Little facts here or details of a certain nail polish colour that makes everything feel so eerily real, like it could happen to you.

The story revolves around the apparent suicide of one Katelyn Berkeley, who was (possibly) cyber-bullied to her fate of electrocution via espresso machine.

Now, twin-teen fiction seems to be getting more and more popular, which is fascinating and everything, but in this case I found that reading about Hay-Tay's perspectives was a little boring. Sure, they're psychic or something like that and can somewhat "feel" the dead's messages, but it's not like I haven't read about that before. Albeit, it usually involves finding a dead body or using a dead body to touch on the person's last thoughts before death or something...

There is also just too much going on in this story. I understand that people can be somewhat complicated and that this is also an intro to the series, but seriously, can we focus on one thing please?! With talk of the ten year anniversary for the bus-accident-incident that the twins happened to be involved with, as well as Katelyn; and the alleged suicide of Katelyn; we as readers already have much to cope with. I thought this was supposed to be a small town where practically nothing happened.

And then you're smacked, in the face, with the fact that something terrible happened to Colton's mother, Shania; and she had some secret pact with the twins' mother so she killed the reporter, Moira, to protect them. And of course there was a serial killer like Ted Bundy who murdered Savannah's sister, Serena. Not to mention there is something really dark and creepy going on with all this psychic crap surrounding the twins.

The twins' parents are lying; Shania's been hiding things; Colton is oddly calm about all this; Starla gets away with being a cold, hard bitch; and there is still someone super creepy, dark and evil in the town (at Katelyn's funeral and thought she deserved what she got) who was lurking/watching the proceedings of some of the happenings in this book.

I am so confused I want to curl up in a ball and forget everything. Did I mention that the little sneak-peak for the second book, Betrayal, is not helping my mind's state of serious unrest?

Gregg Olsen, I sentence you to a life of colour-blindness in a store packed with OPI nailpolish. Only then will you understand my confusion.

Nevertheless, I will still continue with the Empty Coffin series.