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The Catastrophic History of You and Me - Jess Rothenberg Sentence: I sentence Jess Rothenberg to as much pizza as she wants without getting fat.

Review: I should first mention that this is not really my type of book. There was not enough action, not enough world-is-doomed and just not enough life and the fight for survival. But then, our main character is dead. I don't mean almost dead, I mean dead dead. There is no chance of revival; no chance of getting her boyfriend back; and most definitely no chance of getting any semblance of her old life back to its previous "perfection".

And that's how she describes it: perfection. Before her boyfriend broke her heart and told her he didn't love her, of course. She becomes a medical mystery; famous after death, leaving behind guilt-ridden and obsessive family and friends.

Brie seems a little too special to me. Even in death, she seems able to bend the rules more than usual; ruining other people's lives because of it.

I actually enjoyed this book because of its humour (including all those cheese jokes), and because it sort of reminds me of my scatter-minded thinking. The characters did not feel as real as I would have liked and were predictable (including her heart-breaker's reasoning behind not loving her).

In fact, at times, Brie is just downright evil, even though some of her vindictive nature kinda agrees with me (mwahahaha).

This is definitely a good (light) read for teens, with romance and some strange perspectives on life after death.

I will admit I had no idea what was going on when Brie was able to take things back and re-instate Patrick's soul. In fact, I'm not even entirely sure about the whole Angel Island business, "where souls go to die" (I thought they were already technically dead...).

But alas, I found I didn't really care, because somehow everything ended up being hunky-dory again! It was some sort of time-travelling, soul-exchanging, mind-boggling, heaven-bungee-jumping shit going on and I decided to just go with it.