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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Sentence: I sentence John Green to write a non-teen fiction book. Seriously, I think he should give it a try and (likely) excel. :)

Review: There are so many things I don’t know how to say about this story (so I won’t). However, let me just admit my one criticism: kids, in real life, aren’t this great, mature and hilarious. As much as I think cancer forces a teen to grow up early, there were just some ideas (including leaving “your mark” on the world; and little infinities) that I felt, normally, could not be understood and appreciated by a Hazel-aged person. That being said, I really wish I knew people like Hazel and Augustus.

This story is beautifully narrated and not just a “Cancer Book”; cancer is just a side effect of life. It contemplates things that I did not even realize I thought about, such as attempting to leave your mark on the world, but also acknowledging that the larger the mark the bigger the scar. And should we, selfishly, be trying to strive for that?

I fell in love with Hazel, Gus, Hazel’s parents, Isaac, and even Sisyphus the hamster (for his brief two years post-Anna).

Spoiler Alert: You will not be without some grief and tears.